Hiring Private Staff

We are a domestic staffing and solutions agency aimed to service the private and the hospitality sector. We are proud to offer a unique & bespoke staffing solution to all of our clients and operate on a global scale.

As an agency we are able to translate our client’s desire into detailed vacancies aimed at finding the most suitable private household staff and hospitality professionals. Our agency was founded with the purpose of using our internal experience in the Service Sector to offer a unique and valuable insight, allowing us to close the gap between recruiter, applicant and potential employers in the search for the right staff with the right experience. We are specialized in finding the ideal Housekeeper, Personal Assistant, Valet, Butler, Head Butler, House Manager, both in domestic and traveling positions.

Prestigious Household Staffing offers its clients a partnership in finding the best Domestic staff tailored to your household and estate.

The high standards required from candidates in the private sector often times are not reflected by the staffing agencies involved. We at Prestigious Household Staffing able to understand and match these high standards and we choose to only represent candidates who apply these standards in their own work. With our rigorous recruitment process we offer a certainty of high caliber domestic staff & ensure they have the right experiences and proper knowledge for their role. We also offer consulting & training services for household staff and household management, all with absolute discretion and respect towards your valued privacy, for example: we do not offer a public vacancy page to attract candidates but perform a bespoke search for each vacancy available at the agency. We do all of this to ensure that your household is running in the most efficient manner with the most professional staff while maintaining it’s integrity.

Prestigious Household Staffing has successfully placed household & domestic staff around the world, such as:  America, Europe (UK, France, Germany, Switzerland), China, Ireland and South Africa to name only a few. From Personal assistants, Executive assistants, Estate Managers, House Managers, Butlers, Valets, maternity nurses, chauffeurs, chefs, executive housekeepers, and many more.

Accept our partnership and we will find you the perfect Domestic, Private and Hospitality Staff! Call us on +44 (0)20 3289 8288 or send us an e-mail at info@prestigioushouseholdstaffing.com.